Live a Visionary Life

Today is 2nd June 2019 and am up in the sky on an Air Niugini flight Px 155 from Alotau to Port Moresby. Fine morning with the sun out in the sky, patches of clouds and you can look right through to see the villages, reefs and very calm flat sea. A wonderful glorious morning view birds eye view speaks volumes of the grace of God.

Yesterday Saturday 1st June 2019 gale wind with rain hit Alotau Town. It rained whole day. My cousin brother Depp was quite worried that I will travel in bad weather the next day. With faith as I always have declared I always travel in good weather so do not worry about tomorrow. Rain will stop and sun will be up.

Waking up this morning it was still dull morning, no rain but with my faith in my God I knew it will be a fine day. I was out of bed before 6:00am and packed my bag. Head to the kitchen put the clean dishes away and prepared breakfast for the family.

At 8:00am my transport arrived for pick up and drop of at Gurney Domestic Terminal. I had to go to the Office first to pick up my working shoes and then to the Airport.

As we drove to the airport the sky began to clear and you could see the sun rays. It look so beautiful. It speaks the awesomeness and grace of the living God.

It was 8:40am when we arrived at the terminal. It was full and strangely I had to give space to some people to go ahead of me. By the time it was my turn there where only 4 seats left and I was quite worried but the I had to trust my faith. Finally I was allocated a seat confirmed with my boarding pass. I when straight to the boarding launch.

Not long boarding was called, checked and was sitting in the plane in readiness for the flight. With all the flight formalities we were in the sky. I looked out the window it was awesome, amazing, and beautiful. I could see clearly from the sky the sea, reef, forest, mountains, rivers and the villages.

The experience brought my memory back to my commitment to myself whilst a second year medical student in 1992 that I will serve my Country, the Government of the Day and the People.

I did not know and realize the significance of my commitment. With time as I progressed I remain faithful to my commitment.

Today I serve my Country, the Government and the Community. The commitment in 1992 has brought alot of challenges but importantly how blessed I have been in all spheres of life. The blessings are countless but this morning knowing that I will travel again in fine weather how much more can I ask. Many have lost their lives in flight but am here again travelling in comfort up in the sky.

When you live a Visionary Life you harvest all the best life can offer. Challenges are to form your today and shape your future.


Man is a Spirit Being

Have you ever thought about life and death? Do you ever wonder about what makes the person live and what makes the person die?

Every person have their own view based on information available to them. I do have my own view as well which I want to share with everyone.

Life begins the moment male sperm fertilizes the female egg. What was a single cell continues to divide and multiply into many different cells forming different organs that makes up a complete person called a fetus living in the womb inside the mother and is delivered when ready to live outside the womb.

What is very interesting is that everyone involved in the delivery process ensures that the baby takes the first breath and cries immediately as soon as born. In this manner the baby is certainly alive. If not than the attending Midwife resuscitates to restore life that has left the body during the birthing process.

This same life that entered and existed when the sperm fertlize the egg will at some point leave the body.

The body continues to regenerate and is well kept to house the life or the spirit. As the cells in the body regenerate and multiply the body continues to grow and achieves milestones inorder to live independently. All this activities and changes that are happening in the body are influenced by a force which is the spirit that lives in the body.

When the person is independent the same spirit influence the upkeep of the body. The reason been that the spirit which is the person has purpose and assignment here on earth. Whether this is fulfilled it depends on the person to recognize the purpose and assignment here on earth.

You will notice that at around 20 years of life on earth the body stops regenerating or growing and begins to degenerate or grow old. This process can be quicken by disease process and life style. It can also come to an abrupt stop in accidents which results in death.

When a person is alive is called by a name. However, the name change the moment he or she is dead. For instance when Joe Blow when alive every one calls him Joe Blow. This name however change immediately as soon as he dies to “The Body of Joe Blow” or “Late Joe Blow”. So the issue in question is if Joe Blow was the body he should not die. He should be alive because the body is physically on site.  But the reality is that the body is now motionless and does not have the ability to move, breath or speak. So the next question is the being that was making the body to function where is it? Where did it go? Because if it was in the body the body would move, breath and talk but no longer now. Another very important point to note is that when the body is living the body fluid is red in colour when the skin is breached. But when the life or spirit is no longer in the body the blood does not exist any more. When the lifeless skin is cut the fluid is no longer red in colour and even the odour change too.

With all the information available one can say that a Person is a Spirit Being. The Spirit leaves the body when it cannot contain it any more due to abrupt disruption, disease process or old age when the purpose and assignment is achieved.

Where does the spirit go when it leaves the body? This another topic of its own. Will be discussed separately in the next blogg.